AI Content Briefs Generator

Research and write SEO content briefs 10x faster with all user and competitors data in one place

We save you from spending hours going from tab to tab researching. We give you competitor and user’s data that you can write whatever you want with our generative AI and its 30+ text models

The first tool that allows you to do the research and writing of your content in one place, saving you more than 2 hours of work

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Briefs Generator extract user searches and queries

The Briefs Generator saves you time in researching your user, because it gives you all the data you need:

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Google PAA

The related Google questions (PAA) that you have to solve.

Google searches

Google suggested searches to enrich and complete the content

Related queries

The queries for each letter, proposition and beginning of question

SEO Entities

SEO entities associated with the topic you are going to work on and that help you to create semantic content

All automatically and without the use of any other tool


Research your Top 10 competitors without going to SERPs

Analyse the contents of your main competitors in a quick and easy way, without having to enter each of their pages:

  • Visualise on a single screen the 10 best positioned competitors in Google
  • Look at its heading structure and how it responds to the user’s search intent
  • Extract the entities used in Organic and News

Use data to create SEO briefings and other content with AI

Drag the user and competitor research data you are interested in into your sheet to create an SEO briefing or write with the help of AI:

  • More than 30 content templates for SEO, SEM, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, E-commerce, Blogs and Websites
  • 50 languages available for writing and translating content with the help of GPT-3.5
  • 8 different writing tones to adapt the tone of your communication
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Work with your team and schedule your strategy

Manage content production with your writers and content managers and always have something ready to publish:

  • Assign briefings to your writers, set a delivery date and view the status of each piece of content
  • Review the content, send your feedback, request changes or approve the text
  • Monitor the results of each URL and each writer

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Create optimised briefings and SEO content with generative AI


Drag the data to your sheet

Drag to the writing sheet all the research data with just one click: titles, questions, entities, queries… This way, you make sure you cover the search intention


Write automatically

Choose the right AI model for your content: a product description, an introduction for an article, an SEO title and meta-description, a marketing value proposition…


Schedule publication

Enter a deadline and assign the briefing to the writer when you are not writing. As the production of the content progresses, you can change its status, send comments and approve it for publication


Link your content

Don’t forget to add internal linking to your brief so that the copywriter naturally links to other pieces of content on your website that are already ranking