The Vivirse project and the improvement of its SEO through content: 228% more clicks and 400% more online visibility with Keytrends

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Vivirse is an international student agency that seeks to help people from all over the world achieve their goals of living, studying and working abroad by providing them with the best information at all points along the way, starting with their websites: Vivirse Malta, Vivirse Dubai y Vivirse Canadá.

Client needs and Keytrends solutions

Vivirse’s needs

With 3 informative content web projects, Vivirse needed to automate the content generation as much as possible:

  • Find common user keywords and questions
  • Research user search intent
  • Create SEO outlines (briefings) for articles

Keytrends’ solutions

To be able to find keywords, queries and study what the user is looking for in order to find topics and create briefings:

  • With the tool for keywords, entities, trends and queries
  • With all user and competence data of the AI Content Assistant
  • AI content generation support for writing blog articles

The result

By incorporating Keytrends into its SEO content strategy workflow, Vivirse has succeeded:

✔️ Improve organic visibility with +372% impressions*.

✔️ Get 228% more clicks and increase traffic*.

✔️ Centralise research and drafting in 1 single tool

✔️ Save +6h of work per content

✔️  Reducing the number of manual processes and tools

✔️ Automating 90% of content tasks

*Results of Vivirse Malta.

Furthermore, thanks to the optimisation of the content strategy workflow, Vivirse has been able to expand its project to another language, Portuguese. For the moment, with Vivirse Malta.

Using Keytrends in Vivirse’s content strategy

It was clear to Vivirse that automation would be their best ally to maintain a good pace of publication on the 3 websites. To detect topics, find keywords to optimise their content and write faster, these were the key functions of Keytrends:

Used features

  1. Entities and keyword research tool
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  • Find keywords to optimise the web content, including the architecture and texts of each page.
  • Search for evergreen topics to cover on the blog
  • Detect other user searches and new queries (trends)
  • User and competitor research to help define the headings of the SEO briefing
  • Selection of complementary keywords to include in content
  • Help with AI writing using the more than 30 text type templates in the functionality.
  1. AI Content Assistant
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What has Vivirse achieved with each feauture?

1. Detect topics, keywords and user queries with 1 single tool, the Entities & keyword research tool

For the 3 websites (available in both Spanish and Portuguese) Vivirse has used the tool to find keywords, trends and user queries of various types without having to use other resources and always having volume and seasonality data available.

This has had 3 main advantages for them:

✅ Centralise the keyword research task in 1 tool to streamline workflow and save up to 4 hours per research.

✅ Adapt content creation to user demand by being able to visualise the actual trend and volume of keywords.

✅ To be able to detect uncompetitive trends from the tool itself and promote a parallel fresh content strategy.

2. Save +6h in research and writing thanks to the AI Content Wizard

Vivirse researched search intent with the Keytrends AI Content Assitant to generate outlines for each piece of content, which they then transferred to their calendar and in-house writers.

This feature has made all the difference in optimising their time spent on content, because they have been able to:

  • Researching user queries and questions (search intent) for each topic in a single tool, without searching Google or paying for other resources. This, and being able to drag the data into the sheet in one click has saved up to 6 hours of work depending on the complexity and length of the content.
  • Check the contents of the best positioned competitors to extract the ideal heading structure for the SEO briefing and adapt it.
  • Obtain title ideas, draft sentences and whole paragraphs with AI to complement the copywriting and proofreading work of the editors.

Conclusion: this is how Keytrends has helped Vivirse’s content strategy

By incorporating Keytrends as a tool in its workflow, Vivivirse has gained agility in the content generation process and in the improvement of traffic and positioning indicators:

+372% of impressions

228% more clicks

+400% online visibility

👉 The 2 decisive factors:

  • Centralise research and part of the writing process in 1 tool to optimise workflow and resources
  • Automate the research and creation of the briefing to get all the data in one place, without relying on other sources based on manual processes (Google itself, or Google Trends) or requiring the payment of a fee

The result has been a +400% improvement in the online visibility of the Vivirse Malta project, which has also benefited from one of the most demanding Google improvements of the last year (Google Helpful Content Update) 👇

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