Help your clients gain online visibility

Automate all phases of your clients’ content strategy and improve their results with Keytrends, the only tool that integrates:

  • Discovering trends and positioning opportunities
  • User-driven AI content generation
  • Measuring profitability and performance

KeyTrends integrates all stages of content


Keywords relevant to your client’s business: every day there is something new that nobody has written about yet


Content for your client’s website, social networks or advertising campaigns in an assisted and SEO-optimised manner.


The positioning of the content in the SERPs and its impact on your client’s business in terms of profitability and ROI

Do you have these problems with your clients’ content?

It costs you a lot to do keyword research for each clientKeyword and entity research tool, with related searches, interest queries and more4h
You don’t know how to spot the latest trendsWe show you the keywords and topics that are growing the most6h
You spend too much time on the briefingResearch the user and the competition and use the automatic content assistant with AI.3h
Not following a multi-channel content strategyFind out what interests the user and the most searched trends and create your strategy for SEO, SEM or RRSS15h
You lack organisation with editors and clientsManage content production with your writers and clients in the Writer Dashboard1h
You don’t know how to monitor customer visibilityMeasure the SEO KPIs of the content and extract the profitability and ROI of each content.2h

They’re alredeady growing with Keytrends

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The solution for everything in one tool

With features that help you automate your content creation process and allow you to work together with your team and your customers at all stages: discover, create and measure. Click on the tabs to discover them all.

SEO Keyword and entity tool

Do all keyword, search intent and entity research in one place

Automatic trend finder

Discover the latest trends in your clients’ sector and new positioning opportunities

Content creation assistant

Automatically retrieve data from SERP results, user queries and entities for a topic and use it to create the briefing or full content

Content and writers management

Control and manage content creation: assign topics to writers, check the status of content and approve it or give feedback once it has been completed

Event planning and monitoring

Know what users search for each year around a past event and plan your content strategy in advance

Analytics and indexing status

Check the daily indexing status of all the pages of your client’s website and analyse the traffic and renatability KPIs of each content

Do you want to know all the possibilities
of Keytrends?


Catch new trends and keyword opportunities every day and 100% automatically

Discover new keywords and trends for a topic

What do you want to write today, a trendy content or a more evergreen one? We give you both keywords that are trending in the last few hours, as well as the top searches that have accumulated the most growth in recent months or years

Enter the keywords of your sector or topic
Get a sorted list of the Top Searches
Choose a topic, schedule it or write the content
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Research SEO keywords and entities

Make your keyword research faster and with more data: our tool is the most complete because it extracts keyword and SEO entity data from more than 10 different sources

Data from Ads, Trends, Search Console and others
SEO entities and keywords in one single tool
Research history and report download


Content for your SEO, Social or SEM strategy for your clients with the help of the Content Assistant and the AI

Research and create content faster with AI

We give you information about your user (related questions and entities, suggested searches…) and your competitors (headlines) so you spend less time researching. And if you lack inspiration, ask the AI to write for you

Analyse user search intent
Research your competitors
Create a briefing or a full content
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Screen 3

Manage and plan strategies

Be in control of what is published and when: you can plan every content for your clients and keep track of your writing in one place and in a very visual way

Assign topics to your team of writers
Track content tasks
Set deadlines, control deliveries and give feedback


The impact of content on your client’s business, daily indexing and ranking in SERPs

Find out if your content converts and its ROI

Measure the performance of your content from the moment you publish it: you will be able to monitor its indexation every day and once it is positioned, check how much traffic each page is receiving, its conversion rate and its ROI

Visualise traffic KPIs for each piece of content
Measure the ROI and conversion of each content
Check indexing and receive error warnings
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This is all you can work with Keytrends

Create a comprehensive, multi-channel content strategy for your clients that helps them to position and build brand authority in SEO, SEM and Social Media


With the Keytrends word and trend lists you can work on the content and SEO On Page of any project:

  • Blog posts
  • News
  • Product descriptions
  • Category texts
  • Service pages
  • SEO Meta tags
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Keytrends makes it easy to research and create the perfect advertising strategy for your client, because you can:

View all bid and CPC data
Analyse the niche market trend
Monitor your client’s popularity

Social Media

Discover new ideas for creating viral content every day: we give you dozens of new trending topics and their related searches and queries

Monitor popular searches and questions
Categorise and do your search directly on Youtube
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Screen 7


Optimise the web structure and content of online shops based on the products and services most sought after by your potential customers

Build the homepage highlights
Define the menu based on popular categories
Create SEO optimised descriptions with AI

Information architecture of any project

Visualise your ideal web tree based on the top searches in your sector and the content you have already created

Check the cannibalisation of your contents
Find out what you do and don’t cover on your tree
Generate a new web tree automatically
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What do they think about us?

Photo 1

Since I have been using Keytrends, I am always up to date on the topics that interest my clients and therefore know how to add value to my communications.

Clara Soteras

Head of SEO, El Nacional

Keytrends has arrived to fill a very important gap in the SEO sector: real-time tracking of search trends. Thanks to Keytrends we have been able to automate the detection of organic opportunities and be much more agile in the implementation of initiatives to cover them. An indispensable, actionable and time-saving tool from the very first minute.

Minerva Sánchez

SEO Manager, PC Componentes
maria jose 2

Word of mouth has always been our main source of sales, but with Keytrends we have managed to grow in organic traffic, obtain new leads and position ourselves as a reference. The process with the tool is automatic and very intuitive, it has been a great choice.

María José

Cofounder, The Lighthouse Team