Multi-Topic trends and entities comparator for ecommerce

Compare trends for up to 10 topics or entities: choose a common period, define the country for each term, and understand the demand in each market.

Additionally, you can detect related growing queries for each term with just a search.

Gestión contenido Keytrends

The comparator that lets you track trends across all your markets

Enter up to 10 terms

Set up 10 topics or entities to compare trends over the same period

Compare markets

Compare your terms within the same country or assign different markets

Related Trends

Discover growing queries and understand the top searches related to each of your topics

You’ll get charts, trend data, and related queries for all the terms and countries you’ve entered

Check demand with the trend chart

Check the demand for topics in your sector and your products in one or multiple markets over a specific period of time, from the last 7 days to the previous 5 years.

  • Comparative trend chart: compare the interest volume across the entire set of entered topics
  • Individual trend chart: check the interest volume over time for each of the terms

You can enter up to 10 topics or entities and compare them all at once!

comparator graph
trends comparator

Identify emerging trends across nultiple countries simultaneously

Detect related queries to expand your product catalog or plan your content in each of your markets.

We extract Growing Keywords and Top Keywords during the selected period and country for each topic so you can plan your real-time and evergreen content.

Beforehand, you can see which URLs you have created to optimize your content or create a new one without causing cannibalization.

Check local interest in topics in your sector and your products

Identify the regions in each country with the highest search volume for your topic in a very visual way.

You’ll have a map with a color gradient for each and a list of all regions with the percentage of search for each one.

Hover over each region to see it on the map!

map comparator