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FarmaTop is an online shop for pharmacy and parapharmacy products. It has a wide range of products for internal and external care. They transfer their expertise from the physical pharmacy to the online service, characterised by close advice and very competitive prices.

+300% visits to the webpage

x3 more online orders

+600% online visibility

Farmatop needs

In a highly competitive sector, FarmaTop needed to increase its visibility in order to achieve:

  • Increase traffic to the online shop
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Work on their brand awareness and authority

Ultimately, the aim is to boost the growth of the online shop and increase brand awareness.

Keytrends’ solution

With Keytrends, Farmatop has been able to achieve their goal through content. Our platform has allowed them to differentiate themselves through SEO-optimised content that covers the latest market trends in order to be found by users.

For this, we have worked on the category and product pages, the blog articles and the home page highlights, making use of 2 key features:

1. Automatic trend finder

Thanks to this functionality, FarmaTop has been able to detect growing themes and identify much better the seasonality of certain products and user queries.


Once these trends have been detected, they transfer this information to:

  • The creation of blog articles that resolve new and recurring questions and concerns of users at certain times of the year.
  • The detection of products with the highest seasonal demand in order to prioritise them both in the optimisation of their pages and in their appearance in the carousels of featured products on the home page.
  • The selection of products to promote in paid ads on Google Shopping.


FarmaTop has improved its positions in the SERPs ranking for its keywords and has positioned for new ones, thanks to detecting the most demanded products and trends and growing queries in the sector:

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2. Content assistant with AI

FarmaTop has used Keytrends to discover the latest topics and industry trends to cover in its multichannel content, as well as being able to research user search intent much more quickly and agilely for the creation of SEO briefings and optimised ecommerce content.


The functions of the assistant that they have used the most have been:

  • Competitors’ tables of contents: by observing the first 10 competitors, they were able to extract the ideal heading structure for the SEO briefing and adapt it.
  • Related questions and suggested Google searches to include them and enrich content
  • Queries of interest by letter and preposition
  • SEO entities to work on content semantics
  • Automatic writing of product and category descriptions to enrich with research data the contents previously written by a copywriter.


The Content Assistant has allowed them to:

Streamline SEO research, create content much faster and increase the speed and frequency of publication, being a key part of the overall strategy and in synergy with the work of the partner agency.

Achieve an exponential increase in its visibility index.

And the most important thing: thanks to the useful and quality content created around user searches and trends, Farmatop has been strengthened by the latest updates of Google’s algorithm.

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The result

Working a multichannel content strategy that has included the implementation of actions in Social Media, SEM and SEO with Keytrends, the agency VIVA! Conversion and other tools, FarmaTop has achieved:

✔️ Generating brand image and building brand authority

✔️ Increase visits by 300% thanks to positioned content

✔️ Tripling the number of orders in 6 months

👉 With Keytrends, the 2 decisive factors were:

  • Automating and speeding up the implementation of the strategy in terms of SEO research and content generation, because it has made it possible to detect and write much more quickly about trending topics and user queries.
  • Finally, the correct SEO optimisation of the ecommerce content has been an important factor in increasing the visibility of the project.

This is how in just 3 months its visibility graph has gone up and, for sure, it will continue to do so for the rest of the year:

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We help you boost your content strategy results

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