AI Content Assistant to write 90% faster with user data

Research, write and optimise unique and useful content for your user with less effort

Publish more and better: we combine user and competitor research with the power of generative AI so you can create content that is 100% tailored to your business.

Let AI write for you without losing sight of what makes your content convert: search intent.

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Better context, better results: the only AI tool that takes search intent into account

Combine Keytrends Content Brief Generator’s research data with AI to respond to your users’ search needs and write 10x faster texts that increase your visibility

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Find out what your user is looking for

Research your user’s needs to meet their search intent that AI alone does not know about. Identify PAA, Google searches and queries

Research your competitors and work on the semantics of your content

Drill down into the SERPs from within the tool and extract titles, headings and SEO entities from the top 10 best-ranked competitors

Vitamin content with data and write 90% faster with our AI writer

Add the research data to your sheet, choose the AI text template, define the tone of the communication and the language… and watch the magic happen

All automatically and without using other tools. All you have to do is review, polish and publish.

AI copywriter with +30 templates to write 100% original and optimised content for your multichannel strategy

Use the predefined AI text templates to create specific content for your acquisition and sales channels. Do this on the basis of your user and competitor data and you will get optimised content in seconds


Optimised SEO On-Page content for your product or service pages


Generate copy that converts and engages your target audience for your Google and Facebook ads


Articles are useful and optimised for your user. They cover search intent and are free of plagiarism


Persuasive and attention-grabbing texts for your followers on all your social networks


Product texts with what your buyer needs and that differentiate you from your competitors


Write value propositions and generate new ideas for your marketing strategy or plan


Speed up creation and editing: AI gives you ideas and writes titles and descriptions (also from Youtube)


Solve your potential customers’ doubts with FAQs for your website and for Quora


More than an AI Content generator: work as a team, plan your strategy and measure results

Manage all content with your team and analyse the ROI, traffic and profitability of your strategy

  • Schedule and manage content in just a few clicks: assign a topic, briefing and deadline to your writers and follow up
  • Keep track of what content you have created and what you don’t when you discover new topics to avoid duplication and/or cannibalisation
  • Say goodbye to complex analytics: know at a glance the ROI reported for each piece of content and the ranking and indexing data

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