Trends Discovery put on Autopilot

Get to know the most searched trends and keywords to write about them automatically and every day

Enter a topic and Keytrends returns its latest trends and ranking opportunities: new and relevant data without competition that you can use for your SEO, SEM or Social Media strategy

Forget about filtering. We sort keywords by their growth, group them into clusters and select the Top and Growing keywords every day so you know at a glance what to write about

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Write only about what your user is interested in

Publishing for the sake of publishing no longer works: only content that talks about what the user is looking for and covers search intent will rank. We give you content ideas that fit your project and what is moving in your sector:

  • Enter topics or general keywords that describe your project or your industry so that we can monitor keywords, trends and related queries
  • Choose the type of result that suits your strategy: realtime with data from the previous 7 days to the last hour, or non-realtime (content opportunities) with data from 2004 to the previous month.
  • You will have a daily updated list of words and trends related to volume, trend, seasonality and more
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Hundreds of new keywords and trends already filtered for you

We check every day the growth of topics in your sector and give you the searches and related queries sorted by trending volume:

  • Growing Keywords for fresh content: new words that are growing, have no competition and are easy to rank for
  • Top Keywords for evergreen content: the words in your sector that have grown the most over time and that you have to cover
  • Percentage growth, month on month popularity, volume and Adwords data and more to help you make your choice

Trendy keywords with all the data you need and clustered by topic

We group the keywords common to a topic in the same group or cluster and add all the keyword data to make it easier for you to choose the ones you are going to work with

  • Check the volume of the keyword and its evolution month by month
  • Use the growth rate as a guide to choose trending topics.
  • Look at CPC and other bidding data to plan an SEM strategy

Control what you cover and what you don’t at a glance and avoid cannibalisation

We tell you if you are already covering a trend and all the positioning data of your content:


Content URL

If you already have content that targets a topic or keyword, Keytrends will show you the URL underneath

Content created

Enter the URL and we will give you a list of the contents you have already created and that share the same keyword

Check traffic

Review each URL’s traffic, clicks, CTR and other data to validate or modify your strategy

Catch the trend in real time and be the first to rank

Every day there are 15% of new searches that nobody has written about yet.

Are you going to let them pass you by?


Enter your seed topics

Add the general keywords of your business that you are interested in monitoring


Indicate the period of time

Extracts trends for the last 7 days, the last day, the last 4h or the last hour


Discover trends in one click

Get a list of keywords sorted by their growth and discover new words and related queries


Research and write faster

Once you know what to talk about, the Wizard will give you the research and AI-generated text you ask for

Do you want to know how to take advantage of trends in your project?

Automatic trend alerts

Receive an alert in your inbox when your favourite trends grow and new related searches emerge

You will find out in real time about new topics to cover in your content strategy and you will be able to publish and position your content earlier

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