Content gaps for Ecommerce: detect the top keywords you need to cover

The most searched topics in your sector are now organized into clusters so you know what you already cover and what you don’t, allowing you to complete your strategy.

You’ll be able to extract new content ideas with demand for each configured topic and use them to fill gaps in your architecture or create essential evergreen content that you’re missing.

Content gaps volumen

Complete your strategy with new demanded content ideas

We provide a clustered view of all the topics that form the informational content strategy of your online store and the most important top keywords you need to cover.

Prioritize demanded keywords

Work on timeless queries that will consistently bring you traffic in your evergreen strategy.

Avoid cannibalization

Understand all the evergreen content created and avoid repeating content topics.

Build topic authority

Cover the top searches in your field and position yourself as an expert on Google.

No manual processes, no need for other tools, and updated data daily.

Content gaps ecommerce

Track your existing and missing content

You can visually and clearly see what you have and what you don’t:

  • URLs alongside covered keywords with checks for cannibalization.
  • New positioning opportunities highlighted in orange.
  • Annual and monthly interest volume for each keyword.
  • Filters to find content gaps by themes.

Check content cannibalization in your online store

We provide all the pages targeting the same keywords and all positioning data for your content.