Automatic content strategy and calendar for Ecommerce

Meet your users’ demands throughout the year with an automatic seasonal content calendar that integrates your evergreen and real-time strategies.

You’ll be able to visualize peak search periods for each topic in your sector using a color gradient, allowing you to prioritize content creation based on volume and trend data.

Offer your users the products and information they seek to boost visibility and sales for your online store.

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Create demanded and profitable content for your business every season

The seasonality calendar or heat map highlights the best times of the year to create content and achieve greater visibility for each of your topics:

Monthly demand

Identify peak demand months visually using a color gradient.

Annual seasonality

Check the topic’s demand month by month over a one-year period, including the current week.

Volume and trend

Review search volume and specific interest or trend level for each topic.

With all this information, you can decide whether a topic fits better into a trendy or evergreen strategy and plan your content accordingly.

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Your evergreen and real-time strategies in one calendar

Visualize the seasonality of each topic through the color gradient and plan your trendy or evergreen content based on annual demand data:

  • Trends data: Trend volume indicating sharp, specific growth peaks in trendy or real-time themes.
  • Volumen acumulado: User search data in the organic channel to work on your evergreen content strategy.
  • Gráfica de crecimiento anual:Review the annual evolution of each topic and forecast future demands to prioritize your content tasks

Do you have hundreds or thousands of topics? Filter them by segment, topic, or entity to view only those of interest.

Compare trends between periods and forecast demand

Get data beyond the last year: we provide growth and trend data for each of your topics so you can identify interest peaks, define seasonality, and forecast future trends.

  • YoY: Year over year change
  • MoM: Month over month change
  • WoW: Week over week change
  • DoD: Day over day change
  • HoH: Hour over hour change

You can view the evolution over 90 days, 30 days, 7 days, 12 months, and 5 years, and check the URLs you’ve already created for each topic and their positioning data.

anual calendar