Data Copilot for Ecommerce: Speak to Your Data and Understand Your Results

The Data Copilot is your personal SEO analyst: powered by your project’s database, ask it questions in natural language and it will provide you with a 100% accurate and hallucination-free response.

It can interpret data from hundreds or thousands of URLs, keywords, and other positioning data, giving you objective and 100% accurate responses in natural language.

It will be your ally in making the best content and business decisions.

The Only AI Copilot Trained with Your Data and Answers All Your Business Questions

Access to All Your Data

The Copilot accesses My Search Console data to process and interpret all the data.

Natural Language

Trained with advanced generative AI language models (LLMs)

No hallucinations

Objective and 100% accurate responses thanks to the integration of AI with your project’s database.

All so you can make the best content and business decisions for your Ecommerce

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Your Personal SEO Analyst to Analyze Your Ecommerce Metrics

The Data Copilot can analyze for you the impact of all the URLs in your online store on your visibility and business results:

  • Keywords best positioned or with the highest number of clicks.
  • URLs with the most impressions that are below a certain position.
  • The best pages from a period below or above a CTR.

And more. You can ask for any data related to product URLs, category pages, blog articles, or other informative pages.