Entities & Keyword research tool for ecommerce

Find positioning opportunities and create content that gives you visibility, qualified traffic, and sales.

Conduct keyword research faster and with more data: we extract user queries from Google from over 10 different sources so you can fully cover search intent.

All the data you would get using multiple tools, in one place.

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Unified data from over 10 tools into one

We give you what no one else does: SEO entities, and we complete Adwords data with Google Trends and other sources to provide you with up-to-date data for the current month.

Keyword Suggestions

Adwords results with all their data: volume, competitiveness, CPC, and other indicators.

Low-competition keywords

New words, trends, and related queries from Google Trends without the need to open the tool.

SEO entities for semantics

Terms and related words to enrich your keyword content and improve its positioning through semantic SEO.

All automatically and without using other search tools.

Address user questions about your products

A product description without information doesn’t sell and is a barrier to purchase for 84% of users.

Eliminate it by discovering the most searched questions and queries:

  • Google suggested searches alphabetically by letter and preposition.
  • Related queries: what users are also searching for, including synonyms of the seed keyword.
  • Google PAA: user questions in the search engine.

Include these in your product and category pages or create informative content to gain visibility and sales.

keyword research
growing kw research

Cover industry Trends and keep your catalog updated

Brands innovate, products evolve, and user needs change daily.

We detect and filter the fastest-growing trends related to your topics and include them in your keyword research:

  • Top keywords: those that have grown the most over time.
  • Growing keywords: those that grow based on seasonality.

Expand your assortment with new trendy products and create content based on trends before other ecommerce stores.

Find the most important entities for Google and use them in your content

Do what very few ecommerce stores know: work on content semantics with SEO entities to rank better and attract traffic:

  • We use algorithms for entity extraction (NER) and natural language processing (NLP), like the Knowledge Graph.
  • Search a keyword and we’ll give you the most relevant SEO entities for your product or the topic you’re working on.
  • Include Google PAA or user questions in your category pages and informative articles.
clustered view

Automatically group your keywords into clusters

Visualize all keyword results, trends, and Trends queries in topic groups by clicking on the Clustered view tab. No extensions, scripts, or additional tools needed.

  • Visual tagging of keyword source
  • Access Google results and Google Trends data in one click.
  • View positioning data for already created content for keywords.

Access your research history and download reports in CSV

Need to retrieve an old keyword and entity research? With Keytrends, you can. You can also download all data into a .csv document.