Boost your ecommerce online presence with an automated content strategy

Work through all stages of content 90% faster with automation, AI and all the features you need:

  • Discover the latest trends in your sector and the fastest growing searches of your potential customers.
  • Generate all types of content in 1 click, including SEO-optimised product and category articles and text.
  • Measure the KPIs and ROI of your content, and improve the pages with the highest ranking potential thanks to the Opportunity Score.
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Keytrends covers the entire content process of your ecommerce


Topics, ideas and trends to cover in your news content, your homepage or your categories. There is always something new that nobody has written about yet


Write 10 times faster briefings and texts for your ecommerce, your ads and your social networks. Write SEO-optimised articles in 1 click!


The positioning of your content in the SERPs and its impact on your business. You will know if your strategy is profitable and its exact ROI

Problems when creating content that you may be familiar with

Your problemKeytrends’ solutionTime you save
You hardly ever do keyword research because of its costAll-inclusive tool: keywords, entities, Google queries, user interest queries and more+4h
You don’t incorporate trends into your siteWe show you the keywords and topics that are growing the most in Google Trends.+6h
You don’t optimise your product sheets We tell you which keywords and entities to include and help you write them down+3h
You do not create informative contentFind out what interests the user and their questions and answer them by creating content from the assistant.+8h
You have problems managing your writers Manage and control the production of content with your writers in the Writers Panel+60min
You do not measure the results of the contentsMeasure content KPIs and business impact+2h

They are already growing with Keytrends

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The solution for everything in an all-in-one AI content suite

Entities & keyword research tool

Do all your keyword, search intent and entity research in one place to optimise your categories and product cards

Automatic trend finder

Discover the latest trends in your sector and new positioning opportunities in every seasonality

AI content creation assistant

Create informative content that covers your potential customers’ queries and questions in one click. The assistant does the SEO research for you

Content management & planning

Monitor and manage content creation: assign topics to writers, check the status of content and approve it or give feedback once it is finished

Event tracker

Know what users are looking for around your product each season and plan your content strategy in advance

Analytics and indexing status

Check the daily indexing status of all pages of your shop and analyse the traffic and rentability KPIs of each content

¿Do you want to learn how to work on a content strategy for your online shop?


An all-in-one AI content suite

Centralise your entire content creation process in a single suite that -with the power of AI- helps you publish 75% more


Catch new trends and untapped positioning opportunities every day, 100% automatically

Products and topics that are trending in your sector

We search for you, every day, the keywords and queries that are trending in the last hours. Save up to 6 hours of manual search process.

Enter the product or sector keywords you want to monitor
Get an orderly listing of searches by growth
Discover user questions and queries to cover
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Most searched keywords and queries according to seasonality

Discover the keywords that are most searched for in the long term in each season and that should not be missing in your strategy or in your architecture

Monitor on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
Check the search level month by month
View your clusters or clusters in one click

Be the first to catch what’s new
in your market

Activate real-time alerts to discover new searches
and receive alerts in your inbox

Helpful content created for people with AI


Text for all your ecommerce content: create product descriptions, category descriptions and blog articles 10x faster thanks to our AI powered by SERP data

Research and create content for your ecommerce in 5 clock minutes

We give you information about your user (related questions and entities, suggested searches…) and your competitors (headlines) so that you spend less time researching. And if you lack inspiration, ask the AI to research and write for you.

Analyse the user’s search intent
Research your competitors
Create SEO briefings and articles in 1 click
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Plan and work on strategy with your team within the suite

You don’t need other tools: Keytrends integrates a calendar and content management system so you can keep track of everything you publish. With built-in email alerts.

Assign topics to your team of writers
Set deadline and track content tasks
Control deliveries, give feedback and approve them


¿What impact does content have on your ecommerce? Measure KPIs for positioning and traffic, ROI, whether your posts are indexed on time, and more.

Analyse rankings and decide which content to improve with the Score

We bring together all the data you are interested in within the suite so you don’t have to collect and analyse it by hand:

Visualise KPIs and keywords positioned for each URL
Know the ROI and traffic of each publication
Re-optimise content with high Score scores and rank higher and better
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Control indexing and detect cannibalisation at a glance

Know in detail when your posts are indexed, the last time they were crawled and if there are any indexing errors without leaving Keytrends. Also detect cannibalisations from differents points of the suite.

Indexing status and time for each URL in your Sitemap
Detect cannibalisation: list of URLs that share a keyword just one click away
If you already have a URL created for a new theme, you will see it listed below the keyword

This is everything you can work on your ecommerce with Keytrends

Create a comprehensive, multi-channel content strategy to help you position, increase your presence and generate brand authority in SEO, SEM and Social Media

The organic positioning of your online shop

Optimise the web structure and content of your ecommerce based on the products and services most sought after by your potential customers

Build the homepage highlights

Define the menu based on popular products

Create product descriptions and categories with AI

Solve your users’ doubts on your blog

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We create the texts of your complete catalogue and your categories with customised AI

This service means a saving of up to 65% on your annual
content budget while maintaining the quality: 100% original texts, with your
voice and brand tone and optimised for positioning.


Paid advertising of your products

Research the keywords and trends of your product or service, detect their seasonality and plan your ads

Google Ads

All platform data available on the entities & keyword research tool

Google Shopping

Decide which products to advertise on Google Shopping based on trends

Your social media strategy

Up to 15% of new queries every day and trending topics perfect for viralising your social accounts

  • Discover growing user queries
  • Spot the latest trends in your sector
  • Research topics of interest on Youtube
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¿Do you want to learn how to work on a content strategy for your online shop?

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What do they think about us?

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KeyTrends allows you to monitor the real-time evolution of search trends to optimise your content in just a few minutes. Its interface allows you to track and monitor in a very intuitive and agile way the core entities of the media and monitor their related searches.

Clara Soteras

Head of SEO, El Nacional

Keytrends fills a very important gap in the SEO sector: real-time tracking of search trends. Thanks to Keytrends we have been able to automate the detection of organic opportunities and be much more agile when it comes to covering them. An indispensable, actionable and time-saving tool from the very first minute

Minerva Sánchez

SEO Manager, PC Componentes
maria jose 2

Word of mouth has always been our main source of sales, but with Keytrends we have managed to grow in organic traffic, obtain new leads and position ourselves as a reference. The process with the tool is automatic and very intuitive, it has been a great choice

María José

Cofounder, The Lighthouse Team

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