How to choose a topic for your ecommerce content writing

In this article we are going to guide you in choosing what to write about today from various places in Keytrends. Whether your content strategy is realtime or evergreen, you will always know what to write about because selecting a topic is very easy thanks to the tool’s automatic analysis and the data it shows you. What’s more, you can start writing in one click.


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How to choose the topic of your next content in 3 steps

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An online computer shop manages both its evergreen and realtime content strategy (to cover industry news and trends) with Keytrends. Although it tends to calendar the ideas it finds, it often chooses a topic and creates content on the spot, especially when it is a real-time trend. He does this from 3 specific Keytrends locations.

Option 1. Select a real-time trend from Realtime Trends and cover it as soon as possible

Trends are topics that are growing exponentially at any given time, so it is essential to spot them, create the content and publish as soon as possible because there will be little competition.

These are the ones that the firm prefers not to schedule, and write them on the spot. To do this, there is a button to create content, which leads to the AI Content Assistant, in the Growing keywords panel of the Realtime Trends section.

From this panel you can see those keywords or user queries that are growing almost in real time (up to the last hour), and check the exact growth to decide which to attack.

📖 Learn how to take advantage of the pull of trends in how to spot trends in real time

Option 2. Choose a topic with good growth and schedule or create evergreen content

These types of content ideas can be part of a planned evergreen strategy, because they are long-term growth opportunities that always generate traffic. You can find them in the Trends dashboard:

In it, the content ideas are sorted by growth percentage, and you will have a different list for each time period configured in your topics. In other words, in 7 days you will only see the topics that you have chosen to monitor in that period.

Other data you can use as a guide are the total average volume, and the monthly volume throughout the year (so you can identify if you are in the best moment to cover that keyword or not).

💡Ve a Content Gaps para ver las ideas de contenido que más crecen para cada uno de tus temas y que no has cubierto aún.

Option 3. Choose one of the planned themes in Your Content

This is where all content ideas, whether Realtime or Opportunities, for which you have started a task are stored. It can be the brief, or a piece of content.

EXTRA: enter your own theme from the AI Content Assistant

You can also insert a topic directly in the AI Content Assistant. For example, to create corporate content, an email or any other text not based on a keyword or trend 👇

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Have you covered the full quota of topics that your plan allows?

To keep creating content, it is essential that you can keep discovering new content ideas and search trends.

But if you have already exhausted the maximum number of topics you can enter in your plan, and a higher one gives you more than you will use, tell us how many extra topics you need and you will only pay for this.

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You can also access the Upgrade directly from here ⬇️

Frequently asked questions about the selection of content topics in Keytrends

If your question does not appear, you can leave it in comments so that we can solve it for you and include it in this list (you can also write to us). Thank you!

How will I know if I have already saved a keyword when I am checking the trends and opportunities panels?

All the saved keywords will be in the Publishers panel, but so that you don’t have to check it every time you have doubts, in the same listings the “Save keywords” icon will change to green with a tick instead of a floppy disk.

How do I include my writers in the tool in order to assign content to them?

First of all, you should know that the number of editors you can include depends on the number of users in your plan. In any case, to add them you have to go to the “Members” section in your Settings. There you can add them and indicate their role.

¿Does the real-time trend list update itself or do I have to refresh it?

When you go in and out of the section it is updated automatically. In case you don’t move from function to function, you can click on “Refresh Realtime Growing Keywords” to check if there are any new trends.

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