How to spot trends in real time with Realtime Trends

In this article we are going to guide you to use the Realtime panel, an automatic, agile and easy to use option that will allow you to publish trends and breaking news the minute they are searched in Google. It only takes 3 steps and has many advantages for your business:


Hours of manual work with Google Trends


Increasing the speed of publication


More visibility in Organic, Discover and News

How to spot trends in real time in 3 steps

Use case 📝

A sports media needs to cover and follow up on the queries and news surrounding the last Copa del Rey match (Real Madrid-Osasuna). If it does not produce the content in time, it loses visibility.

Step 1. Add the keyword or general topic to be monitored

1️⃣ Go to the Realtime Trends Dashboard to enter your general keywords and select the period to monitor.

In this case, the sports media selects the last hour in order to see the minute-by-minute interest in the interest graph and to detect the most recent searches on Google (Web Search).

real time panel
adding trends

2️⃣ To have a broader view, if there were not enough searches in those 60 min, you could also make a 2nd configuration for the last 4h.

Also, if there were several different events on the same day, I could enter all the keywords for the same time period and monitor them all at the same time.

Step 2. Discover growing trends

To consult the results of the real-time trends detected by Keytrends around the match, go to “Growing Keywords”, where you will see a list of the growing queries or trends that have been emerging around this topic as well as others that may be configured:

growing copa rey

Next to each search you can see the percentage of growth, the topic to which it belongs and the period and country assigned. By clicking on the parent keyword you can see the minute-by-minute graph of interest:

interes copa

For a media it is important to create the trending content as soon as possible to appear in News and Discover, so from here it would move on to creating the publication with the AI-powered Content Assistant or assign the keyword to a writer and set a delivery date from the list of trends found (we tell you how to save and schedule a topic).

Step 3. Expand your quota of topics or trends to monitor

Depending on the maximum quota of your plan you may need to set up more themes. If a higher plan gives you more than you will use, tell us how many extra trends you need and you will only pay for this.

To do this go to Upgrade and click on Pay as you go or send us an email to 📨

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You can also access directly from here ⬇️

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Frequently asked questions about Realtime trends

If your question does not appear, you can leave it in comments so that we can solve it for you and include it in this list (you can also write to us). Thank you!

When registering a topic, what is the difference between the News and Web Search search type?

“Web Search monitors all organic trends, so it covers all results and user queries in SERPs. This is usually the best way to detect trends because they are almost always extrapolated to other channels and the user’s entry channel is usually the search engine, Google. News” will track trends in already indexed news, so it can be a good way to confirm coverage of a topic. As the objective is to detect emerging trends, publish and position before the competition, “Web Search” is more appropriate.

What else can I use real-time trends for besides creating articles?

These trends can also be used to create viral content on social networks, or to define a PPC strategy based on user demand. An e-commerce can also use them to create informative content on its blog to attract traffic, or to enrich the description of a product that can respond to the demand of a trend.

Where can I see the topics I have already entered to avoid repeating them?

You will be able to consult the keywords or topics you have entered in My Realtime topics. If you have already entered a topic, the application will not let you enter it again, unless you define different parameters.

What is the “Top Keywords” section for?

Here are the trends whose exponential growth has been regulated and for which a final percentage of interest or demand is already available. As they are expected to continue over time, they can be used to create fixed or evergreen content. They can also be used for inclusion in an information architecture.

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