AI Content Marketing suite v2.14

In this new version, the focus is on prioritising content to work on, on keeping your strategy organised without having to spend dozens of hours on it, and on going from brief to text in just 2 minutes at the click of a button. The protagonists are these two features: Content Gaps and AI Content from brief ⬇️

1️⃣ Content Gap: welcome to your 100% automated strategy

Every important topic that has to do with your business can have tens or hundreds of important subtopics to deal with in your content strategy. How to find them? How to know which one is more important? Which one to prioritise when creating a new content?

The answer to all this is provided by the new feature, Content Gap:

If you’ve had a look at it, you will have noticed that….

→ It sorts all your general topics into groups of keywords or clusters that you have to work on in your strategy: not just any keywords, but the top most searched keywords in the period you have configured for that topic.

It gives you the URL of the content you have already created: a way of knowing which keywords you have already covered. If you haven’t, you will see the keyword highlighted in orange.

You have the data right there: volume and evolution of interest over time, which you can check month by month with the bar chart.

This way you can decide which new topic to prioritise based on data, plan your tasks in just a few minutes, and keep track of content creation within the platform.

2️⃣ AI Content from brief: generate the text of your briefings in 1 click

You have already created your brief automatically and based on SEO research with AI and Copilot. The next step can be to send it to your copywriter (you can do this from Keytrends), or write the content at the click of a button.

That’s right: with what’s in that brief, our AI (which, by the way, we’ve already upgraded to OpenAI’s more advanced model) will generate all the content – 100% faithful to your instructions for SEO-optimised content!

To adapt the text to your brand and check for possible erroneous data (we know that AI is not infallible), then you can send it to your copywriter. But now it will be much easier, and faster, to cover a trend on the same day!

These are the highlights of our v2.14, but you can read about minor improvements and bug fixes in the general release notes.

Ask us any questions you might have in the comments, send us an email or book a 30 minute demo so we can show you all the new features 👇

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