Keytrends AI content marketing suite v2.11

This new version 2.11 has revolutionised the tool, because many changes that we have decided to implement after studying the needs of users like you are finally visible.

Keytrends is now a more usable platform, with clearer and simplified processes, and above all more efficient. We have greatly improved our technology to tame the AI so that the content it generates is of much higher quality and you have to edit less.

Accessing functions and tasks is also 2x intuitive. Will you tell us when you try it out in v.211?

1️⃣ Content Assistant v3: more intuitive, faster and with better contents

What do you want to do? Process differentiation

The content generation phase is now more intuitive, because we have separated each of the tasks you can do with the AI Content Assistant.

→ When you enter the Create module you can choose to create new content or edit your existing content in Your content.

Bulk Product Descriptions is a service that is added to the content creation and with which we help you in a personalised way. More details in the next section of this article!

ai assistant keytrends

📃New content

Need to create new content? Choose between creating the brief, creating new content or optimising existing content by entering the specific URL.

In all cases we have expanded the data you need to enter to perform the task. Why? It is the way to give precise instructions to the AI to optimise the content. With slight variations from case to case, this is what we ask of you:

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es new-form-assistant.png

As you can see, keywords and search intent become more important (the better we define it, the more aligned it will be with the content created with the AI!)

🔁 Your content: check and edit

This will be your new area to control what content you have and its status (also with last modification date).

✔️ By clicking on the name you will be able to enter the AI Content Assistant to view, review and edit it right there if you wish. You can also delete them from here by checking the box on the left.

✔️ If you connect your project to your Google Search Console account we will give you the traffic of each content.

your content keytrends

Content creation: improving AI results

The Assistant has not changed in functionality. But the SEO articles you can create now have nothing to do with the first assistant ❌. They are much better now! 🥳

The key is the prompts used and training of the AI model (OpenAI’s GPT-4). We have been closely monitoring every new development to refine the results of the generative AI, we have tested and incorporated improvements that make the generated content gain in quality and cover the search intent.

So much so that we can now generate product descriptions in bulk for ecommerce.

2️⃣ 1-click bulk AI product descriptions

Since we launched the product page generation service in bulk, the demand for this type of content for ecommerce has not stopped growing. To make the process more accessible and easier, you will now find a form to request the number of descriptions you need on the platform, within the Create module.

bulk product descriptions IA

Once you have filled in the form, we will study your case and contact you to finalise the process.

3️⃣ New trend period display

The trends detected for each of your topics are now sorted by period and in a much more visual way: we have created a tab for each period, both in your Realtime and non-realtime trends (Opportunities). This means you no longer have to look at the period column to find out which one it corresponds to 🎊

new keytrends trends

Also… take a good look at the screenshot 🧐. We have made other improvements:

✔️ Display the keywords to see all the contents you have already created, what type they are and the last modification date.

✔️ Go to edit directly any content in the edit button.

✔️ Colour-coded action buttons: create a new brief, generate new content or optimise existing content.

4️⃣ New configuration of topics by entity

We previewed it in the last update of the tool, but we hadn’t shown it to you: entity search is now available! Now you can monitor trends in a specific keyword category to avoid results that have nothing to do with your topic:

entity search keytrends

If you need to search for several terms and they are specific enough, you can use the bulk configuration as you did before.

These are the highlights of our v2.11, but you can read about minor improvements and bug fixes in the general release notes.

Ask us any questions you might have in the comments, send us an email or book a 30 minute demo so we can show you all the new features 👇

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