How to talk to your data thanks to Data Copilot, your personal SEO Analyst

In this mini tutorial we help you find out how your project is performing or what users are searching for without using complex analytics tools. The Keytrends Data Copilot is a personal SEO analyst that has access to all your keywords, URLs and positioning data; based on your questions and what you want to know about your content, it interprets them and helps you make the best content and business decisions for your ecommerce.


Hours saved on other analytics tools


Same tool for content creation and measurement


Content prioritised according to data and business objectives

How to talk to your content’s SEO data in 3 steps

Use case 📝

An online yoga accessories shop that has been working for a year on the contents of the product pages, categories, comparisons and blog. Now, it wants to analyse what visibility results it is obtaining, to also find out what is most in demand and whether it should make changes.

Step 1. Connect your Search Console account to Keytrends

The Personal SEO Analyst or Data Copilot is essentially a chat identical to the Keychat you already know, but with the difference that it is not connected to the OpenAI database, but to the My Search Console Data of each project configured in Keytrends.

This way, and by diving into the right SEO indicators and all your URLs, it can answer you which URL of your online shop is the winner in clicks in the last year, or which keywords are ranking better (and this is just an example of what you can ask your new analyst).

In order for it to work, you have to connect your Google Search Console account with Keytrends. It’s as easy as logging into Google and clicking the “Connect Search Console” button.

💡 You will know it is not connected by the orange warning at the top of the screen, and because you will not see any data in the queries and URLS table.

search console

Step 2. Use sample queries to analyse your data

Go to the Keychat and, on the top left, select the second tab to access the data chat. As you can see on the home screen you have predefined questions that you may want to ask your personal SEO analyst.

To make it easier for you to ask your own, we have included some communication considerations to keep in mind, as the context and detail of your order is very important.

aks own data

To start with, we recommend that you try these sample prompts to see what kind of response the chat gives you. In this screenshot we have clicked on the 2nd one (the topics with the most impressions in the last 300 days):

KeyTrends 34

Step 3. Ask your own questions to the Data Copilot

Then, you can venture out to make queries of your own. Because it accesses all the information in My Search Console Data, you’ll see both product URLs, category URLs and blog articles (or other informational pages). This means that Data Co-Pilot can analyse for you what weight they are all having on your online visibility and results 📈.

Two examples of inspiration formulated by the online yoga accessories shop:

“What are the most clicked keywords in the last 6 months and for which URLs?”

Captura de pantalla 2024 03 19 180356

“What are the urls with the most impressions but which are below position 10 in the last 3 months?”

Captura de pantalla 2024 03 19 180719

EXTRA. Add more projects to base your content decisions on data

Depending on your Keytrends plan you can work on your content strategy for between 1-20 websites. Your current quota is too low, but a higher plan gives you more than you will use? Tell us how many extra projects you need and you will only pay for this.

To do so, go to Upgrade and click on Pay as you go or send us an e-mail to 📨

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es upgrade.jpg

You can also access directly from here⬇️

Frequently asked questions about Data Copilot

If your question does not appear, you can leave it in comments so that we can solve it for you and include it in this list (you can also write to us). Thank you!

I have asked a question to the data chat and no answer is returned

When this happens, it is because your prompt contains too many commands or tasks to execute. Focus on one or, at most, two. This also serves to make the response more accurate and orderly, and not give you extra information you don’t need.

➖ Can I only ask you for Search Console data?

At the moment, yes, these are the ones you are most interested in for making content and business decisions, as you will be able to know in depth the positioning and user interaction with all your content. But soon, we will implement the ability to interact with the rest of the functionalities and data of the tool.

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