How to activate real-time trend alerts and receive e-mail alerts

In this article we are going to guide you on how to activate alerts for your topics in real time and receive them by email so you don’t miss any new growing trend. This way you will be able to cover it before your competition and attract more traffic, among other advantages:


Faster publication speed


More visibility in Organic, Discover and News


Hours of manual work saved with Google Trends

How to set up your trend alerts in 3 steps

Use case 📝

A news portal reports on the events of the 2nd of May celebrations in Madrid and what is happening around the politicians involved. To update the news in real time they enable some alerts; they want to cover search trends as soon as possible to be ahead of their competitors in Organic, News and Discover.

Step 1. Register your topics on My Real Time topics

1️⃣ To receive alerts about new search trends on your topics, you must first register them by going to Realtime Trends > My Realtime topics. You can see the step-by-step on how to detect trends in real time. If you need more information you can see in detail how to configure your themes.

2️⃣ If you already have topics entered, look for the megaphone symbol 📣 and click to create the alert. This is how you see the alerts triggered by the news portal:


Step 2. Add your email in the Alerts Panel

Go to the Alerts panel, add your email and wait! When Keytrends detects growing trends for your topics with alerts you will receive them in your email and you will be able to see them in the dashboard, sorted according to the time period configured in the topic:

alerts panel

Step 3. Buy extra alerts if you run out of plan quota

Depending on the maximum quota of your plan, you may need to activate more alerts. If a higher plan gives you more than you will use, buy only the number of alerts you will use.

To do so, go to Upgrade and click on Pay as you go or send us an e-mail to📨

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Access the Upgrade directly from here 🔽

Frequently asked questions about trend alerts

If your question does not appear, you can leave it in comments so that we can solve it for you and include it in this list (you can also write to us). Thank you!

Can I add multiple e-mails to receive alerts?

Of course! But we recommend that each user sets up the topics he/she is in charge of and activates the alerts to receive them in his/her mailbox.

What do the different time periods in the panel mean?

Both in the dashboard and in your email, you will receive trends that correspond to a specific period of time: 1h, 4h, 1 day or 7 days. It is the same as the one you have configured in the real-time topic for which you have activated the alert, so if you are interested in receiving very recent trend alerts, indicate 1h or 4h when you register a topic.

The trends I receive have nothing to do with the topic I am interested in, why?

It has to do with how you have configured the category of the real-time topic you receive alerts for. As we discussed in how to set up a topic to discover trends, it is important that you select the right topic category to avoid results that don’t match your topic. The more accurate the category you choose, the better.

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