ROI & Content Analytics made easy

Keep track of results and every euro generated by your strategy

Validate the profitability of your content visually and easily: we give you all the KPIs you are interested in for each page of your website in one place

You won’t have to rely on other complex analytics tools and you will always know which content ranks from the moment it is indexed


Know how your content is performing without getting lost in a sea of data

Keytrends integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console and extracts the KPIs you are most interested in so you can validate them at a glance:

search console data 1

Ranking data

It identifies which words each content ranks for and the data on clicks, impressions, CTR and position achieved

Global and URL traffic analysis

Monitor all the visitors you receive and how they behave to identify which content works best

ROI by channels and pages

Validate where and on what content the best results are and confirm the profitability of your strategy

All automatically and without using other web analytics tools

Control the indexing of your content

Upload the sitemap of your projects and keep the indexation of the content you publish under control:

  • Daily update of page status and time of last crawl
  • Confirmation of indexing of new content within the first 10 minutes
  • Automatic error warnings without having to go to Google’s tool

Do you want to know all the possibilities
of Keytrends?

Monitor the indexation of your content on a daily basis from Keytrends


Connect your sitemap

Enter the URL of your sitemap and we will crawl it every day to check that everything is correct


Check indexing

So you can check at a glance the indexing status of all your content


Receive automatic alerts

When new content is indexed we will let you know, and if something has gone wrong, we will let you know too


Real-time tracking for media

As soon as you publish a piece of content, you can check if it has been indexed minute by minute and know the exact time

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