We entered Lanzadera, the incubator where
companies fly high

Good news: we have been selected to enter the 2024 edition of the Lanzadera programme that promotes the growth of startups.

In case you don’t know it, Lanzadera is a business accelerator and incubator promoted by Juan Roig, founder of Mercadona. It is based in Valencia and forms part of the Marina de Empresas ecosystem.

lanzadera 1
Lanzadera headquarters in Valencia

Why do we participate in business incubators?

This is the third accelerator we’ve joined after Open Future (Telefónica) and Seedrocket, and we do it because we get a lot out of being surrounded by mentors and energetic entrepreneurs like us.

Each of our previous experiences have been super positive: they give us great ideas, help us create business relationships and open our minds to continue growing.

We know that the Lanzadera experience will be no less. And why not, we also want to do our bit by helping other colleagues with everything we have learned in this adventure that is Keytrends.

Lanzadera and its Total Quality Model

The incubator is inspired by the management model that has led Mercadona to success, and which focuses on: talent management, financial education, focus on increasing customers, investment and product development.

Explained by Marta Nogueras, the general manager:

We host one of the most numerous calls for proposals, where entrepreneurs innovate in practically all areas, achieving solutions that respond to customer needs. With our support, we want them to learn about Mercadona’s management model so that they can adapt it to their start-ups and also take advantage of the opportunities offered by the added value of being part of Marina de Empresas.

The intensive programme we will be following over the next 6 months

keytrends lanzadera 1
Álvaro presenting Keytrends on the opening day of the programme

In our half-year journey at Lanzadera we will refine our approach to improving ecommerce content strategy through data analytics.

With Lanzadera, we will have:

  • A personalised roadmap: a project manager draws up a specific plan for our six months in the incubator. This plan takes into account where we are starting from and defines the objectives we want to achieve.
  • Training and mentoring actions: we will attend trainings, talks and mentoring, driven by mentors, project managers, partners and large corporations.
  • Collaborations with other projects: the best thing about this experience is that we can learn from other entrepreneurs and establish connections. In this edition Lanzadera has selected more than 100 startups in the fields of health, finance, social impact, proptech, fashion and circular economy. All of them have in common that they use technologies such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

The Lanzadera intensive programme is an opportunity to grow, learn and connect with other entrepreneurs that we are ready to take advantage of.

Any tips on how to make the most of it are welcome!

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