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Create your Content Strategy 90% faster for your ecommerce

with Data Driven AI and Trends Data

What does Keytrends do?


Generate content with AI and user data

We integrate the power of AI with user research to create unique, multi-channel content. +30 templates to write 10x faster with GPT3.5


Research your user and your competition in 45 sec

Your user’s search intentions and your competitor’s content in one tool and without going to the SERPs. Create SEO briefings in 1 minute


Detect hundreds of new trends automatically

Content ideas based on the latest trends from Google Trends. Generate content for your industry to grow your traffic, revenue and brand


Manage your content and publish 75% more

Schedule the topics you are going to cover and manage content with your editorial team: Assign publishers, set deadlines and don’t let a day go by without publishing

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Keytrends finalist Global Search Awards

The are already growing with Keytrends

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+4.500 users

Are already discovering trends, creating content and increasing their visibility with Keytrends.

Helpful content created for people with AI

Keytrends features

Automate all the phases of your content strategy: discover keywords that are easy to position, create automatic content with artificial intelligence and content with artificial intelligence and measure the impact and profitability of your content

Spot trends and topics for your content strategy

Discover hundreds of content opportunities every day and improve your traffic. Add topics from your sector and you will automatically get an updated list of trends

Automatic analysis of growing trends
Daily listings with the Top searches to be covered
Automatic keyword and trend alerts
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Research what your user is interested in 90% faster

We give you all the information you need to write your content. Because you research and write in one place, you save more than 2 hours of work

Analysis of user search intent
Competitive research on SERPs
Creating SEO-optimised content with AI

Create user-centred content with AI

Write titles, paragraphs and entire texts for any content in your content strategy based on research data from the integrated Content Assistant

Write with GPT3 (soon GPT4) + Chat GTP
+30 automatic AI content templates
Trained models specific to your business
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publishers panel

Manage and plan your content strategy

Be in control of what you publish and when at all times: you can plan your content and keep track of your writing in one place and in a very visual way

Assign topics to your team of writers
Track content tasks
Set deadlines, control deliveries and give feedback

Check the ROI and traffic data of your contents

Measure the performance of your content from the moment you publish it: you will know when it is indexed and once it is positioned, see its traffic and profitability

Traffic data generated by each content
Measuring ROI and conversion
Monitoring of indexing with error warnings

Research SEO entities and keywords

Make your keyword research faster and with more data: our tool is the most complete because it extracts keyword and SEO entity data from more than 10 different sources

Data from Ads, Trends, Search Console and others
SEO entities and keywords in one tool
Research history and report download

Create the perfect web architecture for your content strategy

Visualise your ideal web tree based on the top searches in your sector and the content you have already created

Check the cannibalisation of your contents
Find out what you do and don’t cover on your tree
Generate a new web tree automatically
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What do they think about us?

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KeyTrends allows you to monitor the real-time evolution of search trends to optimise your content in just a few minutes. Its interface allows you to track and monitor in a very intuitive and agile way the core entities of the media and monitor their related searches.

Clara Soteras

Head of SEO, El Nacional

Keytrends has arrived to fill a very important gap in the SEO sector: real-time tracking of search trends. Thanks to Keytrends we have been able to automate the detection of organic opportunities and be much more agile in the implementation of initiatives to cover them. An indispensable, actionable and time-saving tool from the very first minute.

Minerva Sánchez

SEO Manager, PC Componentes
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Word of mouth has always been our main source of sales, but with Keytrends we have managed to grow in organic traffic, obtain new leads and position ourselves as a reference. The process with the tool is automatic and very intuitive, it has been a great choice.

María José

Cofounder, The Lighthouse Team

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This company has received a participative loan from the “Creation and Development of Innovative SMEs” line of the Canarias Financia 1 Fund and has an 85% co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund from the Canary Islands ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020, contributing to the fulfilment of the objectives of Priority Axis 1 “Strengthening research, technological development and innovation”, Specific Objective 1. 2.1 “Encourage and promote business-led R&I activities, support the creation and consolidation of innovative companies and support innovative public procurement”

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Frequently Asked Questions about Keytrends

We answer all your questions about our tool. You can also contact our consultancy department at

What is Keytrends and what does it offer?

Keytrends is a content marketing tool that allows you to optimize your entire content strategy in one place.

With it you cover the whole process of research, writing and measuring: you detect new keywords and opportunities to position, you write about them and at the end, you measure their conversion and extract their ROI or profitability.

Why is Keytrends a different tool?

Keytrends is a content marketing tool different from others because:

✔ We use trend data sources from Google Trends and that other tools can’t offer you.
✔ We cover the entire content generation process and complete strategy management.
✔ We help you create content strategies beyond SEO briefings or AI content.
✔ We integrate AI into the content creation process, but first we add user research data. The result is unique and different from any other tool.

Yes: we work as several tools in one and offer you what others lack so you can centralize all your tasks.

So it’s a generative AI tool?

It is more than that. All AI tools write automatic content and so do we. But the others don’t do a prior analysis of what (and how) your buyers are searching for.

Nor do they take into account the queries related to that search and the entities that semantically enrich your content and make it rank better.

With Keytrends you will write content with AI, but based on data.

How does Keytrends help my content strategy?

Keytrends simplifies and unifies all phases of your content strategy so you don’t depend on several tools and you can publish more, sooner and better:

✔ You get in one click a complete overview of the content that is in demand in your industry, and you know at all times what you are covering and what you are not.
✔ You write content in a much more agile way because you have all the user research and competitor data right next to you, without having to search for it.
✔ You publish more, you do it sooner and you rank better, because you make use of an AI that not only writes for you, but takes into account your user’s search intent.

All with SEO in mind: your content will always be optimized according to Google’s guidelines and powered by SEO entities – we are the only tool that extracts them!

What will I gain by using Keytrends?

With Keytrends you gain quality and agility when managing and creating your content because you only need one tool, but above all you increase your online visibility and convert more thanks to:

✔ Being up to date on trends and content opportunities in your industry or your client’s industry (and detecting them before anyone else).
✔ Knowing at all times how your current content strategy is, what is working for you and what you are missing.
✔ To be able to manage in one place all the content and your team of writers.Save up to 90% of time in content generation.

And why not say it: you save a lot of money in hours invested and in other tools that, with Keytrends, you no longer need.