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Automatically discover trends from Google Trends and others in your market


An SEO optimized landing, a Tweet, Facebook, an adwords ad… helped with our Smart Assistant


The impact, traffic, revenue… of your content strategy

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you again. Position your market contents and trends

Do you want to have a daily SEO to-do list? With KeyTrends we tell you what keywords to work on and we help you create the content to guarantee your growth

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Do you have these problems?

I have a hard time positioning my keywords

I can’t position my web in the top10 with the keywords chosen in my keyword research due to competition. I don’t know if I optimize well or how far I have to go to reach the top 10

I don’t have time or resources to write on my website

I don’t have time to write on my website or the budget to hire someone to do it

I don’t know what to write about and which are the most appropriate keywords for my SEO and SEM strategy

I don’t know which keywords I should start working on in keyword research and which ones have better opportunities

I don’t know how to measure if my content strategy converts in new clients

I don’t know the impact and ROI of my content and publications in SEO and Social Media


Keytrends features

Automate your content strategy. Discover keywords that are easy to position. Create automatic content with artificial intelligence. Measure the impact of your content

Automatic trend analysis

Discover automatically your market trends. Upload a list of topics and every day we will tell you which are the trends and keywords that are growing the most in your market

GPT3 – Content assistant

Generate semi-automatic content with all relevant contextual information. Google Q&A, main entities your competitors are talking about and much more

Top Growing Google Trends keywords

Our trend analysis algorithm will recommend the topics to work on that will generate the greatest positive impact on your business

Event planner

Plan the content strategy of any event with a single click, analyze the trends hour by hour of any past event

Real-time event monitoring

Schedule the start time and have all real time trend data to get the best results during the event. Monitor the growing keywords hour by hour, the TopStories carousel, Twitter… you will have all the relevant information in one place

Relevant keywords tracker

Monitor Top Stories carousel, SERPs ranking, competitor posts and much more. Automatically generate competition reports

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Who is keytrends for?


You want to know what to write about and build a data-driven strategy. You want to research what to write about and measure the impact


You want to discover trends in your sector. You want your brand to be at the top. You want to reach audiences but also make ads that deliver business results


You want to help your clients invest smarter and save time on their daily tasks to scale. You want competitor data and time to think

SEO & SEM consultants

You want alerts, insights and recommended actions. You know how to configure the tool to segment and get the most out of it. You want to optimize the integration with other departments such as SEM, Product, Social…

¿What are the opinions about the tool?

Since I have been using KeyTrends, I am always up to date on the topics that interest my clients and therefore I know how to add value to my communications

Javier Lorente CEO, Ribanet

With KeyTrends we discover the growing trends in our sector and can generate daily publications on twitter and Facebook. It helps us a lot to choose what content to write about and its assistant does most of the writing work for us. With their log-based analytics we have seen that we have more than doubled the traffic that Google Analytics indicates after the implementation of GDPR

Maria Jose Huertas CEO, Lighthouse

KeyTrends allows you to monitor the real-time evolution of search trends to optimize content in a few minutes. Its interface allows you to track and monitor in a very intuitive and agile way for the writing of the central entities of the medium and monitor their related searches.

Clara Soteras Head of SEO, El Nacional


KeyTrends.ai Pricing and Plans

We adapt to your needs in custom plans. We can prepare a customized plan in which you only pay for the use you give at any given time


00 /mes
  • Lifetime account
  • 1 Proyecto
  • 1 Usuario
  • 25 Keywords Tracking
  • 1 Events Planner
  • 10 GPT-3 Titles
  • 10 GOT-3 Descriptions
  • Metrics dashboard


59 /mes
  • Lifetime account
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Users
  • 150 Keywords Tracking
  • 25 Events Planner
  • 50 GPT-3 Titles
  • 50 GOT-3 Descriptions
  • Metrics dashboard


199 /mes
  • Lifetime account
  • 10 Projects
  • 5 Users
  • 500 Keywords Tracking
  • 50 Events Planner
  • 100 GPT-3 Titles
  • 100 GOT-3 Descriptions
  • Metrics dashboard


299 /mes
  • Lifetime account
  • 20 Projects
  • 10 Users
  • 1000 Keywords tracking
  • 100 Events planner
  • 200 GPT-3 titles
  • 200 GPT-3 descriptions
  • Metrics dashboard


Contact Sales
  • Lifetime account
  • Projects
  • Users
  • Keywords tracking
  • Events planner
  • GPT-3 titles
  • GPT-3 descriptions
  • Metrics dashboard


alvaro reguera 1

Álvaro Reguera


Álvaro has vast experience previously working for two Venture Capital funds and that allows us to understand the startup world, investors and sell better. It is the 3rd startup in which he participates

dani pinillos 1

Daniel Pinillos


He started doing SEO when Google was in beta. Expert in SEO & UX is responsible for our SaaS and KeyTrends online marketing. It is the 5th startup in which he participates

jose domingo garcia torrejon 1

José Domingo García Torrejón


Full-Stack developer specialist in automation, development and integration with any API. With more than ten years of experience in the world of software development, José Domingo is the true builder of the team

sumit 1

Sumit Kumar

IA Backend Developer

He enjoys the application of Data Science and Big Data with AI to solve different problems of organizations

michal 1

Michal Ružička

Backend Developer

Backend developer with 4 years of experience in Cloud solutions and development and APIs integrations

manu 1

Manuel Martín

SEO Developer

SEO and Developer for 5 years, trying to discover how Google works and programming in all kinds of technologies, mainly in Javascript

FAQs about KeyTrends

We answer all your questions about our tool. You can also contact us in our consulting department at hello@keytrends.ai

What does KeyTrends offer?

We offer a tool that analyzes what are the search trends on some topics that you choose and allows you to prioritize which are the most demanded.

We add data to these keywords so you can choose where to start your content strategy

Who is our tool aimed at?

KeyTrends is oriented to those people who manage online marketing and content strategy of companies or media and want to automate their content discovery and publishing processes

We offer a Trends keyword aggregator (Google Trends, Social Trends…) in which we prioritize the ones that will have the most impact on your traffic

What is KeyTrends?

It is an aggregator of growing keywords trends. It generates an ordered list of trends based on growth, search volume and competition

It allows you to choose a list of words and generate automatic content. Generates an export of keywords with high demand that you can add to your SEM campaigns SEM

It is different from other systems because it allows you to extract all the keywords with the highest growth and presents them sorted by priority