AI Content Assistant for Ecommerce

An AI trained to generate all the content for your online store and keep your catalog updated. Texts without cannibalization, original, and 100% optimized.

You’ll be able to generate product descriptions, category texts, briefs, and informative content with a click, and update existing pages and work on internal linking in an automated way.

No content plan? We tell you what to prioritize based on market trends to quickly improve your visibility and achieve your business goals sooner.

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The Only AI for Ecommerce That Covers Search Intent and Helps You Rank

SEO research is the foundation of our Content Assistant: powered by Google search data and insights from your competition, which the AI then uses to create 100% optimized content.

See how it works in this short video:

Optimized Content for User Searches

We extract all user queries so you can meet their needs with every piece of content.

Work on semantics with SEO entities 

Research the most used terms by your main competitors, analyze their headers, and add them to the content.

Reduce manual content tasks by 90%

Create briefings for your writers in 5 minutes using Copilot for research, or complete contents with the push of a button.

All automated and without using other tools. You just need to review, polish, and publish.

Accelerate SEO Research by 90% with Briefing Generator

Create informational content briefings for your online store in just 5 minutes: with Copilot, you get user search data and insights from competitors without having to open dozens of SERPs results:

  • Google PAA: Google’s Related Questions (PAA) that need to be answered.
  • Búsquedas de Google: Google’s suggested searches to enrich and complete content.
  • Consultas relacionadas: Queries for each letter, preposition, and question starter.
  • Entidades SEO: Associated with the topic you’re working on to help create semantic content.
  • Contenido de competidores: Headings structure from the top 10 competitors.

Add them in a few clicks to create a useful and optimized content draft in minutes. All automated and using only Keytrends’ Copilot, no other tools needed.

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Always Updated Catalog: Optimize Old Content to Boost Visibility

Keep track of all created briefings and content: modification date, traffic, and positioning data.

Know when to update your published pages thanks to the Score indicating ranking potential, and improve them with the Content Assistant.

Use the content optimization feature and fetch text from a URL to edit it.

AI Data-Driven Content for Ecommerce in 1 Click

Generate any text for your online store with an AI trained to research, create a brief, and write content with just one click.


+30 AI Text Templates for Creating Multichannel Content

Use AI text models within Copilot to create specific content for your acquisition and sales channels:

  • SEO:  Combine a strategy with timeless popular topics and fresh content discussing the latest trends.
  • Social Media: Detect trending topics and create viral content.
  • SEM: Compare demand year over year and by region. Better direct your efforts and create ad copy with AI.

Do this based on your user and competition data to get optimized content in seconds.

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This is how you can create product descriptions, category texts, and SEO articles optimized for your online store.


Choose a topic from your industry trend listings

Look at the opportunities detected by Keytrends and choose whether you want to create a brief or a complete content, both with the help of AI and SEO research Copilot.


Write automatically with AI + SERPs data

Choose to create AI content so that our Ecommerce trained AI generates 100% optimized content for your user and their search intent. It does the SEO review and writing for you. You only have to proofread and edit.


Create automatic briefs for your copywriters with SEO research Copilot

We give you a pre-briefing that you can complete by dragging the research data from the Copilot: titles, questions, entities, queries, headings of your competitors… Thus, the copywriter will cover the search intent in the text.


Always keep your catalog up to date: optimize your old content in just a few clicks

Guide yourself by the score we give to all your URLs to choose the one with the highest visibility potential and bring all the text with the AI Content Assistant. Review, edit and re-optimize with the help of Copilot and AI.